How to Clean and Organize a Garage

How to Clean and Organize a GarageThe garage is often the most cluttered and cramped space in the entire home. At times, it serves as a dumping ground for tools, boxes, equipment and toys that are just too cumbersome or too big to be stored inside the home. Cleaning up this poor man’s landfill may seem like a daunting task, but there are some simple ways to get that eyesore looking as good as new. There’s no one better to ask than the Sierra Vista AZ garage door repair experts how to clean and organize a messy garage.

Quick Ways to Clean and Organize Your Garage

1.      Decide What Stays and What Goes

The first step in getting your garage clean and organized is deciding what you’re going to keep and what you’re willing to part with. We all have some items that have some sentimentality but severely lack functionality. Though it may be difficult to do, you’ll have to find a way to say goodbye to some of these keepsakes. You can make the process easier by donating these things to a local thrift store.

2.      Overhead Storage Compartments

How to Clean and Organize a Garage 1

A simple and fast way to clean things up in your garage is by installing an overhead garage storage system. These systems allow you to store large or seasonal items in easy-to-access boxes, containers or crates. The systems are ideal for Christmas lights and decorations, summer shorts and winter jackets. You can also use them to hang bicycles or for storing larger sports equipment, such as baseball bats or hockey skates and sticks.

3.      Use the Walls for Storage Solutions

For things you use on a regular basis that are taking up too much space, wall storage systems provide a perfect solution. You can use the length of the wall for household and gardening tools. You can also create storage compartment for things such as handheld tools or office supplies. Wall storage systems are also a cheaper alternative to overhead storage, as you can create them on your own with some corkboard. You can also utilize both systems to completely clear up the clutter in your garage for good.

4.      Consider Holding a Garage Sale

How to Clean and Organize a GarageA surefire fast way to clear things out of the garage is hosting a garage sale. Not only will it give the goods a new home and a second life, you can make a couple bucks on the side. However, staging a yard or garage sale is not as easy as it sounds. There’s a lot of work before and during the sale, and most areas require permission from the town or city before you can sell anything. You can check by visiting your local town hall.

5.      Make a Cleaning Schedule

Now that the garage is clean and organized, it’s important to stay on top of it. Why put in all that work if it’s just going to be a disaster area again in six months? The best way to keep the garage in top form is to create a cleaning schedule. Whether it’s weekly or monthly, free up some time specifically designated for tidying things up. Spending a little time doing light cleaning will save you from starting the entire process from the beginning later.